omnipotent customization service

We provide professional customized design and professional industrial designers to customize your design

Instant Assistance Professional Services

Provide complete solutions for product issues and after-sales service.

Excellent quality products

In order to improve productivity, QC inspection of product quality is strictly controlled in the production line, so that the product can perfectly present the design style.

After-sales product support

Provide perfect after-sales service quality for after-sales products.

Professional service, good quality

Kingtron was founded in 2011 to focus on various A/V products, including USB 3.1 full range of adapter series, USB3.1 cable, DisplayPort cable and adapter, mobile phone accessories (Apple line, Micro USB cable, car charger and travel) Charger), computer cable (VGA and LAN cable), HDMI cable, game console cable, coaxial cable and various other accessories, mainly based on OEM and ODM services.

Complete production line and R&D staff

Kingtron has more than 350 employees, including 12 R&D/design experts, 15 QC experts, 12 professional engineers and more than 300 production workers. With a unique corporate culture, our commitment to innovation, quality and customer service is strong, and we seek to continuously develop exciting new products while pursuing excellence.

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